If you’re a web content writer, you can relate to this topic. There are days like you have an endless ideas to write and feels like you want to finish it all in just one whole day. Those are good days of a content writer’s life. However, there also days which all you can do is to stare at that blank white screen of your computer for hours and trying to figure out what is the first word to type on your keyboard. While finding inspirations can be difficult these days, there are some things that you can do to help you generate better content ideas. All you have to do is to figure out the things that you will need in order to achieve it.

What is the importance of topic selection?

Everyone thinks that great contents, cms and copywriting should be one of the guts and asset of a business. You may think of different writing styles, tones and photos to add but the main thing is on what topic you should focus first? Here are the factors that might help you when you need to select a certain topic for your web contents.

Differentiation. If you can think of different topic then you can be lucky. The internet is flooding with different contents every day but make sure that you don’t just rely on them. Think of your own different fresh topics to write and focus on it.

The interest of Users.

A strong topic is the one with the most numbers of users who will like it. Think about topics which you think that people will like according to your target audience. You can have more traffic if your topic will be searched and read by different people with the same interest on your contents.


You need to get more inspirations so that you can have them whenever you feel like losing one. You can’t get any inspiration if you will not do anything about it. Instead of forcing yourself to write things which don’t really come in your mind, read. You can look for other people’s blogs, newspapers, magazines, and books. You can also watch different things on Youtube related to your topic. Your competitors in the web content writing industry should be one of your greatest inspirations. It doesn’t mean that you have to copy what they’ve written but make it a goal to do better than them.


If you are an outsourcing company, think about what your web content writers have written in the past. There are things that you can still reuse from all of those drafts. Read about the client’s’ questions and emails because it can be one of your inspirations for writing another blog posts. You can also go back to the published blog posts that you had in the past and know which one has the most numbers of readers and try to recreate another web contents out of it.


If none of the above applies to you, there is the Internet waiting for you. Always do some research about the things that you want to right. Don’t just focus on one search result. Try to read the first three search result that you think might solve your problems.


Now that you already get all the materials for your content writing, start to write. Keep it slow and never rush. Focus on the things that will come to your mind and create good paragraphs out of it. With many cms today, you can always find it easier to write on your websites.

Sometimes you have to think and get some ideas that can help you generate better results. Be resourceful and value what you can get from everything as it can be your next topic when you do web content writing.

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