11 04, 2016

Reasons Why Every Web Designer Should Have Their Own Portfolio Website

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As a web designer, you should have your own portfolio website. The technology keeps on updating and everything can be found on the Internet. Whether you treat your work as a hobby or a business, you must have a website wherein people can see everything about you and whatever services that you can offer. Aside [...]

14 03, 2016

Content Marketing Guide: A Must-Follow for Your Business

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You have heard “Content Marketing” a lot of times. You have seen it as a term used in online businesses. These two words don’t tell that much. You need to have an extensive researching about what content marketing is. The basic idea of content marketing is writing using communication. You use this to add value [...]

9 03, 2016

7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Rule 2016

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Social media marketing was not an option before when social media platforms are not popular yet. Many critics said that it was not a viable marketing strategy. But now, a large percentage of businesses engage in social media marketing to advertise their products and services. Now, new social media platforms are introduced in the online [...]