In our current day and age where everything is going Digital, innovation is the key to the constant changes that are occurring when it comes to our steadfast technological advancements.

The advertising world has now become a survival of the fittest. Marketers have to adapt to what’s currently in trend or be irrelevant and fade into limbo. Businesses are now devising their own gimmicks depending on what’s “in” and what the people are going crazy over.

Allow us to help you enhance your marketing strategy comes 2019. Make use of the remaining weeks of 2018 to learn more about the ropes and the more effective ways to amplify your Digital Marketing.

Be Authentic

People have become more and more of a critic nowadays. A huge number of consumers prefer raw and authentic content before they decide on which brands to support and trust. This is in fact according to surveys on social media.

Furthermore, as you may notice, the rise of the YouTube fame is actually what’s in the current trend. Even famous actors and actresses have now been showing off raw footage of their day to day living on YouTube. Today, authentic content catches the attention of the audience.

Voice search is ascending

You may have already heard of apple’s ever famous “Siri”, well apparently apple is now sharing the spotlight with Amazon’s “Alexa” and Google Assistant.

These devices has the capability to recognise human voices and are proved to be very helpful in either searching information on the web or doing certain things around the house.

The use of AI as chat-bots

The use of chat-bots has still yet to be fully understood by certain marketers. Many have yet to discover and fully perceive its capacity and limitations.

Marketers mainly use these chat-bots to improve their customer service while lowering their costs. Instead of hiring people to handle their customer concerns, AI technology is now being used.

The use of social media

Social media is now a part of everyone’s day to day living. Since a huge chunk of the online world is solely devoted to social media, it is now the main avenue for business owners to promote their brand and attract consumers in all parts of the globe.

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