Do you have a small business? Do you have an idea how to run your business? Well, outsourcing is one of those tools to help you in handling a business. If you want to relax and have a perfect time for yourself and not worrying too much about your business, you should try to outsource all of your business.


What can we do in outsourcing our business?

Outsourcing offers everything about web designing up to answering emails and phone calls. For the small businesses, it will fall into these categories:


  • Highly skilled expertise

In this category, it includes the reaching the expert’s consultants. You can also outsource a financial expert to get an insight in business books. Also same in marketing, strategic business building or even in decision making.

  • Repetitive tasks

Do not make yourself tired every weekend in posting on different social media websites. Repetitive tasks especially on being an outsourcing assistant, virtual and much more than can free up your time.

  • Special skills

You can outsource the special skills that you are not good at, like designing a website, accounting or even copywriting. This kind of business and get the good level of quality for running a business.


How to find a good outsourcing partner?

Once you find out how much budget you have, you should find out the best outsourcer now. Here are some of the tips when finding the best outsourcing partner:


  • Referrals:  You should reach out to a few contacts and let them know what you are looking for. If you find a contractor, it will be the first stop when you are finding an outsourcer. You should first look at their track record so you can know that they can be trusted.
  • Social Media: Finding their social help to connect them with a potential service.
  • Freelance Jobs and Bidding Sites: You can also post on job sites like eLance, Guru or oDesk. You can post your job description or service.


Making the Right Hire

The intake process is what makes the difference between an outsourcing nightmare and a great working outsourcing relationship. Here are some keys to making the right hire for your needs:

Get to the Point

In order to get the best price and the best talent, you need to be clear about what you need. Be as descriptive as possible in posting a job board. This gives your potential hire a good idea what you’ll need so they can price accordingly.

Review as Much As Possible

Once you have a few people to get in touch with or several bids that look promising on a job board, you need to carefully review their past work. If you’re outsourcing designers and writers, this is straightforward. But how about an administrative assistant, bookkeeper or marketing coach?

Ask the Right Questions

Getting an in-person interview with your potential service provider is ideal, but if that doesn’t pan out be sure to get them some questions via email. Here’s a short list of what to include so you can get a feel for their experience, their process, and your expected results.



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