Our era of technological advancements has put the way businesses market their products and services to the next level. In this day and age, being uniquely different is a strong edge against your competitors. Our fast paced environment draws great challenge for such digital marketing specialists. Creating an effective marketing strategy requires certain kinds of special skills in order to appropriately utilise the digital technology.

There are only few remaining weeks before we bid goodbye to 2018. Let this be the time to take a great look at how your digital marketing strategy progressed over the course of this year. Was there a progress? Have you been floating around, just existing? Or has your digital marketing relevance took a nosedive?

Let the few remaining weeks of this year be the perfect time for you to plan and strategize a fresh digital marketing strategy, innovate your brand and focus on what’s in trend.

Although there are certain strategies from 2018 that will continue to uproar in the coming year, there are also upcoming trends which you need to consider and incorporate in order for you to reach a wider mileage of ROI.

Consider using these foreseeable trends that will absolutely be used in the coming year, 2019:

Native Advertising

Contrary to banner ads and display ads, native advertising blends into the website it is on. Native ads doesn’t really look like ads, it is more likely a part of the website’s editorial page. Unlike other types of ads that constantly pop-out on websites in use, the use of native ad doesn’t not cause interruption and annoyance to the user experience.

Video Marketing

Facebook live and Instagram tv have instantly gained their popularities in a short span of time. People nowadays look for realness and raw quality, going live boosts viewership since it is done real- time

Aside from this, Google views it in a way that you become more relevant and pushes you on top of the search result. This is also very beneficial for small and start-up businesses, by making use of video marketing you are allowing possible clients to better get to know your brand.

Chatbots Automation

Chatbots are to gain even more relevance in the coming year, it has proven its worthiness in terms of providing accurate information real-time. Chatbot automation uses deep learning to recognise data, speech and patterns, Natural Language Programming (NLP). Through the use of AI in chatbots, marketers are to save time and money.

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