There might be something wrong about your website or a simple bug on which can be one of the reasons why your website is long sales. It is one of the most complained reasons about ecommerce websites from their customers. For example, your search bar is not working well, how sure are you that your customers will still be happy about it? Aside from it, there are many other complains about it. It’s difficult to make a website as well as maintaining it. Create your own website for your customers while maintaining it for profits and success.


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Here are the examples or might be the reason why your website is losing sales.


It is one of the primary reasons why people don’t just click on that “buy now” button on your website because they think first the price of a certain item. It dictates the decision of an individual whether to buy it or not. Many people choose to shop online because they think it is convenient and you can do it even at the comfort of their homes. If you can, try to offer items which you think people can always avail of it without thinking twice.


Product descriptions

In every product that you will display on your website, it should have an appropriate description and more information so that your customers will read everything about it easily. Do not exaggerate information, just point out everything about the product. If you own a fashion ecommerce website, focus more about adding the sizes, the materials used, texture and other available colors.


Stock information

The availability of your products must be seen on your website so that your customers will know about it before they make any transaction with you. If your product is not available, you cannot generate sales and your customers will go to other websites and never return to yours. Make sure to put the availability information and the tentative dates when the products will be available if it is out of stock so that your customers will know when to get back.


Site functionality

If you have the best website design but it is missing some of the most important features such as product filters, search bar and wish list then your clients will never buy anything from your website which means you will not generate any sales out of it.


Shipping information

Indicate the shipping costs and the time for shipping schedules on your ecommerce website. It is one of the frequently asked questions of your customers because they are the one who’s going to pay for it so make sure that they will see this information on your website.


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Most people would like to see products in images. Provide photos with zoom in features as well as 360 angle view so that they can see clearly the appearance of the products that they are going to buy. Images can be your website’s greatest asset so make sure that you put high-quality photos to attract and maintain your customers.



Wide and clear navigation attract more customers. Make sure to check any broken links on it.



Who doesn’t like discounts. Create a certain page so that your customers will find it easier to look for your discount coupons and codes. Write the terms and conditions on it clearly so that they will fully understand it.



Images can be different from videos as it looks like the actual product presentations, appearance and everything about it. Add video clips under each products so that your customers can watch it on your ecommerce website and be decided to put your products in their shopping carts.


Website speed

Slow loading ecommerce websites can make your customers frustrated about it. Try to fix and learn things on how you can improve the speed of your website.


Make your own website increase more sales for you by considering these ten factors that can be the reasons why your ecommerce website is losing sales.


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