RentaPH: About Us

Rentaph.com is the only online marketplace of its kind in the Philippines—it was made specifically for the purpose of renting and leasing. It is a one stop site for all Filipinos who are looking to rent and lease. This is essentially the best venue for individuals who want to lease or are interested to rent properties and/or vehicles.


The first approach from one of the teachers involved a quick outline of their need for a better way to to organise and handle communications within the school. They desired a modern solution for a process was previously handled with paper and email. That's when we switched into discovery mode. We started having conversations with different people who would be using the app including students, teachers, school admins, music teachers and finally, parents. We wanted to nail down the main pain points and therefore what was most needed by the school. This enabled us to develop a strong set of users stories.

We're massive fans of cutting down features where possible, so what we settled on was a simple app that doesn't attempt to take control of everyone's normal school work flow. Instead, it slots effortlessly into the existing flow and improves it. We steered clear of adding features such as submitting homework through the app, and focused instead on making homework similar to a remotely updatable task list by both the teacher and student.


Honing in on what they already know

We needed to create something that was both easy to use for the digitally native students but also for potentially technophobic teachers. From the outset we knew that having such opposites in user base with such a feature rich application was going to be a challenge. At a glance students needed to know where their next lesson was but also know detail in their homework assignments. On top of this the same interface had to be both applicable to teachers and parents.

Wireframing the application lets us iterate on the different layouts of the application to find the best solution.

We then go through multiple design versions to get the look and feel of the application right.

Once we land on the final design style we continually tweak it to get it perfect.

Focus on Users

Our team ran through the different personas to find the best design solution. We encourage strong ideas at this important stage of development to move away from more conventional solutions. We finally landed on an interface that achieved all of the above. We wanted the app to feel mature but still light hearted so added bright colourful elements.
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Quarterly Financial Report

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Annual financial report

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Income statement

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