Ryan Jonas, a University of the Philippines professor who mentored a student team who previously won the 2013 Google Online Marketing Challenge said that Online marketing plays a pivotal role especially now that we are becoming more connected to the Internet.” “We need to reach our target market, and online marketing is one way to reach them cheaply and more effectively,” he added.

Content Marketing Guide: A Must-Follow for Your Business

To welcome more business opportunities that they can acquire, online marketing broadens the capability of a business. Once you have decided to start your own business, here are three effective online marketing tips that will suit your business well.


1. Online strategy-making information.

One of the most powerful tools to use when it comes to online marketing is Google Analytics. It can locate all of your totals sales within the day. For example, you have a total of 100 sales and then Google Analytics can categorize them from which places and social media platforms are the transactions from. It will give you an idea on which social media platform is best to use to drive more sales and which one needs an improvement to balance everything.


 2. Content is always the key.

There are three factors that which can make your content be more effective than ordinary written posts in the Internet. Read something about these three factors and try to apply it whenever you’re writing contents for your business.

  • Relevance. Always make sure that whatever you write, the relevance of it from the products that you have will still go around the whole article. Focus on what your products can benefit your customers and everything about them.
  • Timeliness. Make a regular schedule of contents to be posted. Your customers will always want to know updates about certain things. Share it to your social media accounts so that all of them can have learn something from whatever you need them to know about your online company, products and services that you’re selling.
  • Uniqueness. Always write unique contents. Find some time to do some research first and how you can give a different writing style for it rather than writing is in a usual tone. A high quality content will drive more traffic and sales to your website so spend time to write it on your best. Your customers will go away if they keep on reading same contents every time you post something new.


3. Widen your online marketing and reach them out.

Now that everyone is using social media networking sites as a way of communication, it is easier for online marketers and business owners to market their products and services. Try making an account not just on Facebook. Create Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Snapchat. You can also make a Youtube channel for your business so that you can send your message to your potential customers easily through videos and online advertisements. Make sure that you know who you are targeting. For examples, if you want to target those professional people you should focus more with your Linkedin account and make it grow until they are the one who’ll initiate to reach out and talk to you about your business. Build a web marketing website and try to add affiliate marketing to boost sales and profits. Visit our services here.

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